Starting an art journal has been a life-changing event for me. In recent years I’d gone from journals with words-only to journals with a photo added now and then or perhaps a little sketch…to an art journal.

What is an art journal?

Its different things to different people. For some its using all sorts of media to express how they feel at that moment. It might be things glued into a scrapbook or journal or even onto the pages of an existing book. Their pages may be postcards and stickers and magazine cuttings about an event or a place. There’s no limit to what can be done. Below is a book I purchased and it has been great for ideas. There are many books and internet articles about art journaling. I belong to a Facebook group called Art Journaling For Beginners. You can join the group even if you haven’t started your own journal yet. Its a great place for ideas, feedback, and help.

For me, my own art journal is more a place where I tell about the moments, feelings, events of my own life using words and little scribbly sketches. It has come to mean more to me than all the many journals I wrote before now, combined.

What if?

What if you were given or found a diary or journal that your great grandmother kept? I think that would be amazing. You would get a glimpse into her dreams and hopes, disappointments, loves, and what she did with her time back then. I’m hoping that my art journals will be that precious to a future generation and that they’ll feel they know me better or even for the first time. Perhaps they’ll find a kinship or things that we have in common. I’d love that. Its my gift to me and to them. If they never get to see it for some reason…well, I know that isn’t possible. My daughter and I are devoted memory keepers and journalers. She’s given me some photos of her work to put on the Art Journaling class page.

However, this page is where I’m going to share my own art journal with you. So here goes.

More pages to come