Hi! I’m Ren. I’m so glad you’re here. I’ve served in the Air Force, flown a jet (once), ridden in Helicopters, traveled to many countries, lived full time in an RV for three years, raised Guinea Fowl and chickens, studied art like crazy, done a lot of writing, gone to college for 12 years (because I love learning), and taught art as often as I could (one-on-one is my favorite). I’m an introvert, but mostly I’m an artist, writer; and memory keeper. I may be sixty-five, but rather than sitting in place and reflecting on the best times in my life, I’d still rather be making them.

As an introvert, I’m especially fond of solitude and things I can do in my own place. I don’t like surprises. They make me cry, because I’m always so moved that anyone would put together a surprise for me. My favorite gifts are ones given by someone who knows that “this is so perfect for Ren”. Its my dream to publish a children’s book. Ren is short for Renaissance. Leonardo Da Vinci was the renaissance man. I have done many things. I love many things. I’m not the same calibre as Leonardo, but because of my dreams and aspirations, I am sort of, kind of, maybe, a bit of a renaissance girl.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit. I appreciate it and hope you’ll come by again.