June 25th, 2023


I’m an avid journaler, as is my daughter. We’ve embarked on a new adventure with our memory keeping. Stickers. Yep. We love to add all sorts of doo-dads in our journals. Here is an example of what is in the works.

I’m setting up an Etsy shop and we’re making videos about journaling for our YouTube channel and Instagram (short videos pieces). I’m working on stickers, like those above, but also corner stickers, month, day, and number stickers. Let me get those things going and then I’ll move on to other items, such as montage papers, Washi tape, and others. Its exciting, gives me the purpose, and helps me use all the art skills I’ve learned over the decades. Best of all, it uses the types of art I’m passionate about.

May 2nd, 2023

More to come. Its a travel day. I’ll work on this page at my next campground.