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What would Mom think?

What would Mom think?

I’m wondering what my mom would think about how my life has gone these past six years since she passed away. Sometimes I wish I could sit and talk to her about it all or call her on the phone. If I could talk to her, I’d probably cry and I don’t think she ever saw me cry as an adult. Well, maybe the time she accidentally brought the car hatch down on my head and made me see stars. I think tears might have sprung to my eyes that time.

She’d be happy to hear that, after 46 years of marriage, my husband and I are divorced. She would be surprised to hear that he’s the one who filed for the divorce.

“Did you have an affair?” she’d ask.

“No, Mom.”


She’d be excited (and a bit jealous) to know that I spent three months in Hawaii this year. That was where she wanted to go more than anywhere else. I don’t know if seeing my photos would make her feel bad or make her feel as if she’d actually been there.

She wouldn’t be jealous of my trip to Japan. I don’t think she was interested in going that far away. She definitely wouldn’t want to go if she heard that I spent 25 hours on planes and 27 hours in airports trying to get there. She hated to fly. But she would have flown to Hawaii…once.

She might be interested in the story about living in an RV for three years.

“Three years! Why so long?” she’d ask.

I’d have to say “that’s a story for another time”.