Art Journaling

Art Journaling

Can you imagine finding a journal that your great grandmother kept? It would be a treasure beyond price. What would you like to know about her life? Her secrets? Her life? Her thoughts? What she did with her time? What she wrote when she was in love with a boy in high school? What happened when she married? What she hoped for?

Thinking about that has changed the way I journal. Now I pour a little of myself onto the pages and its where I keep my memories, writing them down and throwing in a little illustration to help bring those moments back to life. It feels right to do that. Memories saved on paper. Maybe one day, after I’ve passed away, my own children or grandchildren will look at what I wrote and feel like they have me back for a moment. Maybe they’ll know me a little better.

An art journal can start out simple, with just a little sketch. Add some colored pencil or watercolor pencil and bring it to life. You’ll find the more you use your art journal, the more fun it will be and the better you’ll get at it. No one picks up a guitar and expects to perform in a concert that very moment. A little practice will make a big difference. And you’ll fall in love with the doing of it.

Some of my own Pages

My Daughter’s Art Journal (@serasummers – instagram)


A journal is a very personal thing and there are so many to chose from. Pick one that you’ll enjoy using. Just looking at possibilities will be fun!

As for what you write with or color with, its up to you. You can use pencil, charcoal, stickers, magazine cutouts, pens, colored pencils, watercolor pencils, and there are probably lots more that I haven’t even thought of.


So there you go. You’re ready to start creating the story of your life. Let’s get started!