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April 24th, 2022 – noon on Sunday

April 24th, 2022 – noon on Sunday

Saturday at Yogi Bear Campground – full of life, laughter, campfires, and golf carts

People are packing their cars to go home, ending a weekend at the Yogi Bear Campground. RVs are being left here, because its the spring special where you bring your RV here, leave it for a month, and come camp weekends. You don’t have to drag your RV home and bring it back each weekend. On the other hand, you can’t stay in it any time except the weekend. Other campgrounds do the same thing at the beginning and, sometimes, the end of the summer season. I guess I get it. My campsite at Ben Franklin, in York, is about $500 a month while this place is $600 for the month and you’re restricted to occupying your RV only during weekends. However, there’s definitely more to do here. Lots more. I’ve had a great time here this weekend and can’t wait to get back here.

I will be working here, in the office, soon. They’re going to let me know when I can do the training. Next summer this campground will be part of the Workamper program, which would give me a campsite in exchange for my working. I’d love that. For this year, I have my current campsite until May 26th. In the meantime I’ll check out a couple other campgrounds close by for a month by month site.

Apprehensions? I was going to spend the weekdays at my apartment, getting it emptied out and cleaned by May 31st. Now I’ll seldom be there. I can make it work, but it’ll be a little different than I expected. It means I won’t get to go to Washington this summer at all and I’ll miss getting to see Robert (my son) and his son Robert. I may not have another chance as they’ll probably going back to Japan soon. I feel sad about not getting to see them. I can’t justify driving to Washington with so many unknowns. It would cost me about $600 for gas going there and its not on the way to any other place I’m going this year. So then it would cost another $600 to go from there to the next place. I’m paying $5.25 a gallon in Pennsylvania.

This year is too soon to be able to do all I hoped. I bought my RV in mid-March. A lot more people are camping these days and campgrounds are filling up faster. It means doing a bit more planning and making reservations farther ahead. I didn’t have time to do that this year. Some of my plans have worked out, but they’re a bit further in the future. In the meantime, I like the idea of working here in the office for the summer season. It’ll give me a chance to save a bit of money. It’ll also give me time to re-adjust more to RV life and to prepare for possible next steps. I may just have to adjust my plans for summers. This is a great campground and a good place to work each summer. It would just mean going to Washington at a different time.

Yogi Bear Campground in the Spring