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Using Masking Fluid/Frisket

Using Masking Fluid/Frisket

Art Application

This is a video I made quite a while ago, but the technique remains the same. Its ten minutes and twenty-three seconds long. I also address how to rinse your brushes and how to clean them.

Life Application

Sometimes I wish I could apply masking fluid to a situation in my life, paint over it, remove the mask, and see that the situation was not as bad as it had first appeared. Frisket/mask does not erase anything. It just keeps a spot from taking on color, taking on change you don’t want. It sort of preserves what is underneath so you have a fresh chance to do what you need to do.

What kinds of things can you do in your life to keep a situation from permanently changing your life? A good night’s sleep? A cup of hot tea? A walk? Talking with a friend? What other things could you do?