Interview with Sophia

Interview with Sophia

Sophia is my traveling companion. She’s a…

…sleep. NO! She’s a cat.

The Interview

Ren: Sophia…that’s what you prefer to be called?

Sophia: You’re kidding, right?

Ren: Ok. So, Sophia, what’s it like living in a twenty-six foot travel trailer?

Sophia: A what?

Ren: Well, what do you like to do during the day?

Sophia: I watch for lights.

Ren: You what?

Sophia: Now you’re doing it. You’re getting on my nerves. My last one.

Ren: I guess you’re right. Well, Sophia, tell me about the lights? Do you see flying saucers?

Sophia: Don’t be silly. You humans. So silly. Your favorite thing, REN, seems to be singing to yourself and dancing and trying to teach me to wink and do high-five. And WHO eats raw cookie dough? YOU DO! Yuck! Do you know how silly that looks? Undignified. Me, however. I have several hobbies…but you asked me what my favorite one is. I like light-watching. I don’t know where they come from or why they’re here, but out of nowhere lights start dancing on the ceiling, on the wall, or the floor. My job is to protect this place. Isn’t that what you tell me? I protect us from invading bugs, rodents (heaven forbid!), and strange lights.

Ren: The lights are reflections from things outside, Sophia.

Sophia: WHAT? You’re one of THEM! I knew it. Playing tricks on me. This interview is over!

Ren: Well, folks, Sophia has jumped on the window seat and turned her back on me. Maybe we can convince her to do another interview after she’s gazed out the window a while.

Sophia: Yeah. Whatever! I’m busy here!