Watercolor Pencil

Watercolor Pencil

Until recently I saw watercolor pencil as a medium to use for small projects or for doing a small project while traveling. I’m an avid art journaler and watercolor pencil plays a large part in that. The little drawings above are a bit crude and scribbly, but I love to give them life with a little bit of color. The paper I use is marker paper and the pages are only 5.5 inches x 8 inches. It’s wonderful paper, but doesn’t like getting super wet, as it would if I did a watercolor painting on it. Watercolor pencil is perfect. Its like using colored pencils, but when you paint over it with a damp brush, it comes to life.

For Example

Why Teach a Media I’m Learning Myself?

I, myself, am still learning watercolor pencil. The sunflower above is my first time to use this media for anything but my art journal. The pencils have really impressed me. When my tubes of watercolor get hard over the years, I can just cut open the tube and drop the dried paint onto my palette. A wet brush brings the paint back to life. Think of a watercolor pencil as a bit of that hardened pigment in the form of a pencil. Same exact thing.

I love the way watercolor pencil lays paint on the paper and, even after you’ve taken a brush to it, you can still apply more of the pencil. You can apply it after the project dries or you can apply it even while the surface of the paper is wet.

My flower painting isn’t finished, but I love the life that the paint has. I can’t wait to see what you think of watercolor pencil. Please let me know when you try it and what you think of it.

Class Materials Needed

The classroom does have a three sets of watercolor pencils. However, if you have some of your own, please bring them. They’ll be something you know well and will be colors you’re used to working with. Even if its a brand new set and hasn’t been used yet, by using it in class, you’ll become more comfortable with them. Other materials you could bring, if you like, are some watercolor paper, a pencil you prefer, and an eraser. I recommend a pencil like H or HB, as it leaves a lighter line. Watercolor is a transparent medium and the pencil will show through. Bring an eraser, if you have one, but remember that erasing lines, ever so slightly damages the paper fibers and applied paint will look different there than elsewhere. SO…

Watercolor Pencils


Some watercolor paper



See you in class